Friday, 21 July 2017

Candy for breakfast

Ten days ago I finished my master's thesis. It was a terribly stressful time and I'm not happy with how it turned out. 
The timing was off, I moved house two months ago and lots of other stuff was going on as well, but I am proud I finished it even though it was very tough in the end. The last two weeks were the worst, sleep was scarce, but hey, I made it - and learned a lot in the process!
During the first months of the project I enjoyed photo walks with my boyfriend - follow me on instagram! - but we had to stop due to my crazy workload. Anyway, three weeks before my deadline I took a creative break and participated in a larger project.
I _really_ needed some time off and you can probably imagine my joy when photographer Carmen Palma asked me on short notice if I wanted to model and provide dresses for a vintage lifestyle photoshoot for her portfolio at Café Kosy*s.  Of course I wanted!

Well, I would have loved to stay the whole shooting day, but I had only 1,5 hours. I arrived in full dress and Carmen and I started shooting whilst the others got their make-up done. Carmen is super-fast so I still had plenty of time to chat, eat, and fit dresses for the other models. As usual at Carmens shoots I enjoyed myself a lot, and got just the break I needed!
After that I went home, leaving a few outfits for other models, restructured my thesis, visited my professor, got my new structure approved, and it all worked out on time. I wish every day had been this productive! Spoiler: In the end I still wrote a very different thesis, but at this point there was no way to know I was yet to find the most important, still unpublished book for my project ten days before I had to hand it in. 

I never visited Café Kosy*s before and I was amazed when I discovered it is located in my neighborhood. I walked by many times, but somehow never noticed the place - it's small but cute and cozy and the food (cake!) is amazing! 

Daniela, the owner got super-bonus-points when she kindly explained the ingredients and origins of their food in detail, and omg-I-will-come-back-points when I found out
Kosy*s offers rice milk coffee (and cake I can eat!). I am allergic to nuts and milk and lots of other stuff and I have been to cafés and restaurants where I couldn't eat a single thing. Won't happen at Kosy*s.
But who cares about allergies! They have a candy bar!

I decided to wear one of my favourite everyday outfits: a skirt I sewed from a imported 1950s fabric and a shirt after my own pattern. I got many questions about the top and yes, I will publish a pattern diagram and a tutorial how to sew it. 

The hat is from the 1950s, I did the make-up and hair myself. Yes, I should have taken more time to brush the pin curls out, but you know, during the last months I had to make do with a certain thesis-sleep-hairstyle hierarchy... ;)

Well, marshmallows are nice, but who wants cake?

Meeeee!!! The blueberry scones were fantastic, and no, I am not getting paid to tell you this (lol) I just love a really good really big piece of cake. 

There are LOTS of other amazing photos - it was a pretty large shoot with many models! - which will be published soon when Carmen launches her new website. Due to the overwhelming selection it was very hard to choose the pictures for this blogpost and I ended up deciding to stick to the ones that show me - but I won't finish without giving you at least a glimpse at the rest of the project.
On my left is Judi, she is a make-up artist, seated on my right is Clemens, who runs Spinning chez Clemens.  I met many amazing people at the shoot and both Clemens and Judi happen to live in the neighborhood as well  -  we will soon get together at Kosy*s again!
The look of the series may be a commercial one; but our laughter, cake-happiness and joy was real. At least for the 1,5 hours I had.

As you may have seen there are some technical issues with this post; I am done fighting blogspot (I spent ages editing html to get the layout of this post halfway acceptable) and will hence move the blog to wordpress. It will take some time, but I missed blogging and have lots of posts planned and many adventures ahead. But at first I am on holidays at home, taking time to catch up with everything I couldn't do during the last months: meeting friends outside a library cafeteria, brushing pin curls, sewing dresses and having extended breakfasts that include ice cream. As you may have already guessed - I do have quite a sweet-tooth...

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