Thursday, 11 May 2017

Curls, glitter & friends - everyday vintage

A lot is going on behind the scenes at the moment, I am writing my master's thesis and moving in with my boyfriend at the same time. You don't know him yet, but you know some of his work: he is the art historian behind our Bad Bitches project.
I'm not sure when I'll find the time to finish some of the rather long posts I have been working on which include a lot of pictures, stories and research - but today I want to show you something different: my favourite everyday outfits. I love to wear vintage and vintage inspired looks in everyday life and have done so for about two years. After a year I stopped curling my hair daily, now I do my pin curls only when I feel like it, but I still like it a lot, it is a relaxing process for me.
And I felt like it when my boyfriend and I decided to try taking some pictures in my old bedroom!
It was our first test shoot with a proper camera, but I like the results. And yes, pencil skirts and short, sparkly jumpers are my thing at the moment. ;)

Take one: A sweater made from very sparkly knitted fabric that was dream to work with and a lined pencil skirt made from cotton with about 10% elastic. Don't do that, it may seem like a good idea at first ease-wise, but in the end you have a lot of stress and creases and the result isn't more comfortable than one made from non-elastic fabric. It can be made a tad tighter, but still isn't worth it.

I liked the outfit so much I made a very similar one - this time with a different neckline and different fabrics. The skirt was made from a high-quality stretch I found at a fleamarket, for the shirt I unfortunately used a much less elastic sweatshirt fabric. The skirt is my absolute favourite, it has sewn darts (I adapted the pattern I drafted for the last pencil slightly) and looks mostly as chic as one made from woven fabric, but is as comfortable as a garment can be.
And oh, I love this bag, it happend to fit my unusual-sized laptop perfectly! This is how I went to university that day, note the much-less-perfect hair. But: 30 vs. 5 minutes.

And now follow me on the three stages of dressing like a diva! I started with a wet set the night before. In case you don't know - this is one of the ways they archived the gorgeous hairstyles of the 1950s'. The trick is brushing the curls out thorougly after you let them set overnight; it takes time, patience and skill, but it is the best (and in my case only) way to achieve lasting curls in thick stick-straight hair like mine.

1. Don the eyeliner, open the pincurls, brush them out a little and look like an atomic poodle. Laugh about yourself and get a picture taken while pretending you always planned this look because you are wearing a 1980's pajama shirt.

2. Get another coffee, add some lipstick and try to make something out of this mess. It's important to look as arrogant as possible, otherwise the curls are not impressed and won't behave.

3. Forget that you planned to wear a turtleneck sweater and try to get it over the finished hair without destroying it. Curse like a grumpy construction worker, then add pearl earrings to look like a decent woman that never curses. Be cute, do some posing and pretend all of this never happend and you woke up like this.

And now back to my masther thesis and the shabby but pretty turn-of-the-century flat we are renovating and furnishing right now!
If you are interested: we decided to share our progress and parts of our art history fuelled life on Instagram, klick here for my page (more outfit-related stuff & blurry historical selfies) and his page (for better pictures of old stuff and even more pictures of me). 
This is us - you'll probably see a lot of shared projects in the future!


  1. Ah, such a lovely post! I had a good laugh (somehow already knew that part with the done hair and any garment that yet has to go over the head...)! You shape in these skirts and sweaters is divine, you really look like you just popped out of a 50s magazine. You remind me a lot of Audrey.

    I am happy to follow your flat renovating project (speaking as a historian), and I must say, you are such a cute couple. Wishing you all the best for the new home.

  2. Mariell you would love what I do! Please feel free to come by to visit me if you come to Montreal. I am an artist and all I do is vintage! I am Elaine leveille and the founder of or You have a wonderful spirit. schuss und Bissbald

  3. Fabulous- both vintage and modern and french = perfection!