Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Long time, no see - at lot has happened, as usual, and I had quite a costume hiatus. Or, to be honest: I didn't sew or wear a costume between my last entry and late january.
Well, it has gotten warmer and although my time is as limited as usual I am in a creative mood and very happy that I was finally able to do the long planned shoot with Tom Klein [klick HERE].

We had to postpone the shoot due to a rather funny injury of mine - I hit my forehead quite hard on my sewing table and had to walk around with a very visible bump and a blister for about two weeks. At least it was perfectly symmetrical...
Tom flew over from Trier and brought an old analogue camera with him, a Hasselblad 500c/m and several Kodak Portra 800 films. He specialises in analogue photography and even does wetplates!

We went full risk going analogue with only a few smartphone snaps for me to check the dress - I prefer to have an assistant to check my dress during the shoot, but it can be done alone. It turned out well, I had a hard time choosing the pictures.

The dress is very "old", from 2013 I think. I made it in two days for a Festival I attended at that time, the WGT in Leipzig, after illustrations from 1904. It was inspired by the novel Sommerglaeder, written by Herman Bang in 1902, that's why I call it my Sommerglaeder-dress. Yes, you should read it - it's amazing! I even made the boater myself, it's sewn from straw tape and shaped with steam.
There are many things I would do differently now, but that's how costuming works and I am always happy to learn. The collar is way to large for example and the sleeves - no, we won't talk about the sleeves, I loathe sleeves!

At the festival it was super-super-hot, this time it was rather chilly although we were very lucky with the weather. It was a very nice saturday in early spring, and with the right undergarments I wasn't cold. Okay, I have to admit I wore a modern XXL-cashmere-sweater beneath the blouse ;)  It served both as a warm layer and as necessary padding, since I lost a bit of weight recently.

The purse is the pride of my small collection of antique purses and the most expensive one I ever bought. It's so pretty and I was very happy to get it out of it box for the first time in years! No worries, I treat it well, never put something inside and I was very careful during the photoshoot not to harm a single pearl. The gloves are vintage, but not period-perfect, material and pattern aren't up to 1904s standards. And yes, it's possible to own 15+ pairs of vintage short lace gloves in different shades of white without having the perfect pair! That's an excuse to buy another 15 pairs!

It was a very lovely day and I think I am speaking for the both of us when I say we had a very enjoyable afternoon together, strolling around a historic cemetery and taking a few snaps here and there. I came to love the quiet and calm process of taking analogue photos and would love to do it again soon.
By the way - drop me a note if you are interested in doing a photoshoot with me!

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