Friday, 21 October 2016

A pink day off

I spent this summer in a library. Nothing new for me and I prefer a pile of books and a climatized reading room to sun, sand and ugly swimwear, but it was unusually stressful and I ended up writing day and night. The hard work paid off however and I wrote two theses I am actually happy with :)
There will be a post about this in a bit, but today I want to show you pictures from a shoot I did during these stressful weeks. I took a day off to enjoy some creative time with Carmen Palma from Human in time. We have been working together for years now, she's the one who took my profile picture (look to the right!). I love working with her, as it's always a lot of fun with great results!
She is a freelance photographer and recently built a new studio, the Redcarpet Studio, which can also be rented. It's a great location and I will show you our studio photos soon, but it was such a nice day that we decided to go outside. My make-up was done by Susanne Niederhoff, who also assisted during our shooting.

[scroll down for more shooting pictures if you aren't interested in construction details]

The dress I wear in the photos is my very first entirely hand sewn 18th century gown. I sewed it last year and while I made a few minor mistakes (my thread was too thin and then I got horrible acrylic paint stains on the hem, that‘s why I added a ruffle) my fabric choice was… questionable. Not horribly wrong, but the cheap linen I used just isn‘t woven densely enough, and the thread count is too low for a gown as well. This affects historical accuracy, but even worse, the fabric stretched after several washings. A lot. It is a common issue with linen gowns, but honestly, I was surprised how bad the problem can be! All in all, always keep in mind: the fabric choice makes or breaks a costume! In this case it is only a minor issue and I was just so eager and too broke to buy a different fabric, but the wrong fabric can ruin an otherwise great garment!
My linen is beautiful and the colour just perfect, but check out the stretching and the spacing between the threads. I won't use cheap linen for gowns again - at least I paid less than € 3 per meter which makes the whole dress less than €15…

The fabric wears amazing, but I had ugly creases in the bodice due to the stretching. Well, bad choice, but fortunately there is an easy solution: I opened the seams on the front and removed the excess fabric. Easy work and it took less than half an hour and was even fun to do. I roll-pinned the bodice to get rid of some creases, but they can‘t be avoided entirely, the fabric is just too soft.

Next step: sewing it shut again. The stitch is called point à rabattre sur le mains

...and some construction details; just in case you wonder: leaving the seam allowances without finishing is perfectly period.

Now to what you all want to see: more shooting pictures. It's SO hard to decide which ones to show you!

...and if a great day off with a lot of fun and tons of nice pictures hadn't been enough, one of the shots actually made it into a big german magazine! I am featured in Myself issue 11/2016 with four pictures and a brief article, you can buy the magazine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland until mid November. More than than 300.000 copies were printed - hard to imagine!
I want to thank the Myself-Team, author Katharina Rieger, my photographers photopraline, Martin Duerr and Carmen Palma and all the people who supported me.

While I was looking for a link for you to buy Myself I actually discovered I am currently the first picture appearing on their homepage and there is also a short blog entry about me:

Source:, 21.10.2016
Honestly, I am super proud. If someone had told me my pictures would be printed - even wearing vintage lingerie - in a magazine like this a year ago I would have laughed at them. Loud. Me? The costume nerd? Never! Well, you never know what the future brings...