Thursday, 1 September 2016

The last seconds of summer

An enormous pile of books.
Almost the size of a desk, chaotically piled and seemingly defying gravity. Now it starts to tremble, a little at first, but then stronger and stronger... Small amounts of dust swirl into the air.
A book falls to the floor and there is a strand of hair... and then a hand, rearranging the hair into a pretty curl... Wait.. What? Somebody LIVES in there?
Yeah, actually, there are people literally living in  chaotic appartments filled with books book piles, and currently I am one of them! Thus the lack of blog posts. I am working on some exhausting projects for university at the moment, and due to being ill for quite some time I am in a big delay and pretty stressed out.

 Fortunately this has never kept me from taking a few hours for fun activities, it helps me to relax and think as well. A fellow student of mine runs a great photoblog called Photopraline [KLICK HERE] and after a long week, Friday evening, we went for a walk. Nothing but her, me and her camera. No props, no assistant, nothing elaborate. Oh, and one of my favourite summer outfits of course!
As some of you may already know - and obvious to everybody who meets me in everyday life - I am a sucker for novelty prints. Usually I buy true vintage prints, but I have been in love with the reproduction flamingo print since I saw it, and after a year I bit the bullet and treated myself to the fabric although it is a lot of money to me. Germans, beware - there is a new online shop out there, Poppy Ray, specialising in vintage materials, and I can thorougly recommend it.


Hat: Handmade by me
Blouse: Vintage (probably 1950s, judging by label and size)
Skirt: handmade by me, the prints is a 1950s reprint by Michael Miller
Buckle: Vintage, found at a fleamarket
Shoes: Vintage (I assume 1980s)



Thanks to Katharina for the great pictures, and if you want to see more, check out Katharinas post about our walk! And follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

*crawls back into her pile of books*


  1. Den Rock habe ich ja bereits gesehen, und - unnötig zu sagen - finde ich ihn ganz wunderbar! Ist ja etwas doof, das zu sagen, wenn man den gleichen hat, und im Normalfall würde es mich stören, wenn jemand gleich angezogen wäre wie ich. In dem Fall aber finde ich den Gedanken irgendwie schön, dass irgendwo die Mariell mit einem fast identischen Stück wie ich die letzten warmen Sommertage geniesst. Mittlerweile sind meine Flamingos jetzt in ihr Winterquartier gezogen, dafür dürfen dann in ein paar Wochen die Weihnachtsröcke wieder raus aus dem Schrank. :-)

    Liebe Grüsse aus der mittlerweile auch recht herbstlichen Schweiz,
    Doris (Mrs. Button)

  2. I live where black is the traditional colour. I would love to see people in some other colour, even brown, grey or navy. I myself overwear black. But I do like to add a texture, colour or print. Even during summer everyone still wears black. It is boring but I admit safe and alot of times I feel like a black victim too.

  3. Oooh, such a cute outfit! I've been loving everything red lately, it's such an eye catching colour :) UpdateLand